People Fight To Establish Their God As The One And Only But Who Is It? |

Today’s terrorism is driven by radicals who claim to know God and that anyone who is not in tune with their beliefs must be killed. This is not new as it has always been that people fight to protect what they believe in and to avoid anyone who can prove them wrong. Religious wars started in Mesopotamia even before civilisation came into the region. In archaeological records there is evidence that kings went to war against kings to prove they were the greatest gods.Their people erected monuments to them, they recorded their deeds and victories, and they buried them as if they were in paradise. That is because their subjects believed that the king could grant them everything they desired in the after-life where he was king, that is Father God.The symbols used in mortuary practices explain how the people thought and felt. It is in their language, however, that the truth about their behaviour is spelled out. As the start of language was symbolism with sounds attached tracing the meaning of those sounds back to their basic roots was a journey of discovery.’Ma’ is ‘mother’ in every language. Likewise ‘R’or ‘Ra’ is ‘power’ and ‘Ra’ was the sun god of Egypt. The letter [I] is ‘eye’ and the Eye God represents the sun. ‘Ma-r-I’ or ‘Mary’ is, therefore, ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and this was the chief god of ancient societies and especially that of Babylon, the home of the Islamic religion.It is her star that sits in the cradle of the moon on the flag of Islam and the city that bears her name is a ruin located 11 km. northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria. This was the second capital for the Amors after Babylon. Their next capital was Roma (reverse Amor) and here they became the Romans and their origin is buried in secrecy.Every religion can be traced to the same beginning where the Mother God is also the ‘or-s’, where ‘or’ is an ancient term for ‘sun’ and ‘s’ for ‘light’ or ‘spirit’. In later language ‘Ors’ gave rise to ‘horse’ and the white horse was a symbol of Mother God. That is the reason it is carved on the British country side near sacred sites. In some locations there are depictions of men with huge penises fertilising the horse.Around Britain and in Europe are huge erect stones that tell the same story. When the sun rises behind them the sun-star appears. They are called by the name of ‘men-hir’ and the sight represents a penis fertilising the earth through the star.There are many such symbols and in modern behaviour remnants of the power of the sun is seen in the horse-hair wigs worn by judges and barristers in law courts, the five point star that sits on the shoulders of generals, and on police insignia, over mosques and even over the Kremlin.What the religiously obsessed men fight and kill for and to protect is, therefore, none other than the sun.The real God is the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe and it is dishing out the terror, disasters, and all things associated with human behaviour. We are at the end of the day and the promise is that most of the world, as we know it, will be destroyed along with those that provoke the Spirit.There is a trap to catch out the religions and bring them to an end. That was set up from the beginning and it is loaded with evidence that shows conclusively that the false gods and all the host of heaven will be dissolved because they are not real.”And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the lead falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree.” Isaiah 34:4