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Many people wonder what Honduras really has to offer as a destination. Perhaps one of the top highlights is that it is still an undiscovered destination, and as such, offers unique settings that are not overrun by tourists, as you will find in neighboring countries, such as Costa Rica and Panama.Honduras is the most mountainous country in Central America. It is in fact the backbone of the region, and yet, incredibly as it might seem in a region that is full of active volcanoes, Honduras has no active volcanoes! The mountains in Honduras are mostly covered with forests. Pine forests are prevalent in Central Honduras, however broad leaf forests which are actually tropical jungles are prevalent along the Caribbean coast of Honduras. These tropical jungles are home to many endangered species, such as the mighty jaguar and the peccary, the largest native mammal in this part of the World! Along the coast, you can also find the unique Antillean manatee which lives in the marine estuaries of Honduras’ Caribbean Coast. Many of these mountains are actually National Parks, and the highest density of National Parks in Honduras can be found in Atlantida, the new up and coming nature and adventure destination in Central America and the Caribbean!Honduras is also the Central American country with the longest Caribbean Coast, and the only one to actually have an insular department: The Bay Islands of Honduras! But not only does Honduras have the longest Caribbean Coast of the five Central American Countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) it also has the most accessible and most developed Caribbean coast in the region! Destinations such as Tela and La Ceiba in Atlantida, Trujillo, Omoa and Puerto Cortes are all easily accessible via a great paved highway that is very well-maintained! With a growing infrastructure of Hotels, airports, port facilities and general tourism related services, Honduras has more to offer along the Caribbean Coast than any other Central American Country.Now if visiting magnificent jungle clad mountains and bathing in lovely Caribbean beaches has not yet turned you on to start planning your next trip to Honduras then surely, you will make up your mind when you learn that the Honduran people are easily the friendliest people in Central America! Hondurans open their hearts out to travelers, and go well out their way to help them out and make their vacations an experience that they will cherish. Honduras also has the highest percentage of English-speaking natives in the region, which means that you will always find a friendly bilingual Honduran ready to help you out when you are in need.If you are looking for the perfect vacation destination where rugged jungle clad mountains meet the Caribbean Sea, where friendly bilingual people are ready to reach out and help you live experiences you will cherish for a lifetime, where you will be the star of the show, because there are not a huge number of tourists seeking the same experiences; then Honduras is the perfect travel destination for you!