3 Ways to Follow Up With People You Meet at a Conference | sueatkins.info

Before you head off to you next conference determine what you will do with the contact information of those people that you met. You need to have a system in place before you leave on how you want to follow up with all the wonderful people that you meet at the conference. Please do not go to a conference and not follow up with the people that you meet. You may learn some great information, but if you do not follow up with the people you talked to, it is a wasted opportunity. You never know where it might lead.Here are three ways to follow up:1. Bring a business card scanner with you to all conferences. At the end of the day, scanner the business cards of the people you meet and schedule times to follow up with each person or write an email to them and schedule it to go out a few days after the conference when you know they will be home and settled. It can be the same email, just change the names and add a detail your conversation.2. On your smart phone, enter in all information from the business cards into your phone and make a note of the name of the conference where you meet these people. Also, schedule a time to touch base with this great people, so that you do not forget.3. Smart and simple choice – Take a envelope out of the desk draw of your hotel desk and stick all the business cards in there. Stick the envelope in your carry-on in a place where you will see it when you get home. If you are a master at delegating, stick them in an envelope and Fed Ex it to your personal assistant or virtual assistant, so that they can mail a letter or email to your new contact. Have your assistant enter all the information into your office systems as well.You never know where following up with someone might lead. They might connect you to your next speaking engagement. They might be your next client. They might be a great affiliate marketer for you. Follow up!